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Knaughty Farms Pumpkin Bars'

We are a big fan of fall on our farm.  It means an amazing time of year, a time when we get to harvest our months of hard work, the cool mornings and lots of baking are also definitely an added bonus.  If you like moist & delicious pumpkin bars' this recipe is for you.  It has a cream cheese frosting with the pumpkin cake, the two together become an amazing pair.  I double this recipe most of the time when I make it to fit a full sheet pan, usually our gathering this time of year are nothing short of small though.  So here it is, let me know what you think of it!  Knaughty Farms Pumpkin Bars Makes...

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Marinated Flank Steak

I grew up with Flank Steak as a summer staple in our house.  Whenever my Dad made it we just devoured it and there were rarely ever leftovers.  I got this recipe as a base from my Dad and have changed it over these last few years. It is in our families top 10 favorite things to have in the summer.   Our family and our kids LOVE pineapple so I added that into the marinate and usually BBQ pineapple with it as well.  If you aren't a fan of pineapple, you can use a lime instead and it turns out really good.   I sometimes put it in the marinate first thing in the morning, however it is sooo...

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Knaughty Farms® Lemon Squares

I really love to bake!  I try to be the person who bakes things and delivers them to friends and family, which I do here and there.  It is my way of telling them "Thanks for putting up with us!" (Insert laughing face, but seriously though)  Now with the being said, there is only so much baking that I can accomplish having 3 small kids. Sometimes the girls will bake with me, my oldest is really good at dumping everything in the mixing bowl and then helping me set it out on trays, my middle is still getting the hang of getting it to the tray and not eating it but its a battle.  I don't really blame her, she definitely has a...

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Knaughty Farms Fresh Pesto

Well we did it, Adam and I planted a garden and guess what I haven’t killed anything yet!! Let’s be honest, no green thumb here, wouldn’t keep anything alive if not for my husband and thank goodness for him. I asked him if he would help me plant a garden and he, of course, agreed very reluctantly! I went to the store bought the plants and some pots to put them in since our yard is pretty selective on what gets good afternoon sun. We got those bad boys planted and on a drip system with a timer so when, not if, I forget to water them they still get water! Then off they went, and man did all our...

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Fried Zucchini Bits

Summer is in full blast here at Knaughty Farms, which means lots of yummy foods. As many of my friends and family know, I do not have a green thumb what-so-ever, if I keep a plant alive it is something close to a miracle. My husband is a farmer and is a darn good one (thank goodness), he keeps all my plants alive and thriving. He comes by it naturally, between him and my father-in-law, they are hard workers and supply me and my girls as well as my sister and mother in-law with a healthy amount of home grown foods! The things they don’t grow, because we do have a farm and are very diversified which means they are...

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