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Knaughty Farms is run by a fourth generation farming family in Willows, CA. We planted our first 150 acre olive orchard in 2009 and have loved learning and growing with the olive oil industry here in Northern California ever since. We strive to bring you the best olive oil that can be produced and take pride in doing so by making sure that every aspect of our operation is done with excellence from bloom to harvesting at the peek of perfection.

As a growing family we wanted to do something fun and bottle our cold pressed olive oil under a logo we hand crafted and I think the name says it all on how fun we are having with this adventure.  We can't wait for you to get your hands on a bottle so you can try it as well. Knaughty Farms Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil  is great for cooking, baking, or just setting on your counter to look really cute. We can't wait to start getting it out to places so stay tuned and we will keep you updated as to where it will be carried!

We look forward to growing our company with you.  Remember Knaughty Farms Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Is the only Virgin you need in the Kitchen!" If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at knaughtyfarms@gmail.com!