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Marinated Flank Steak

I grew up with Flank Steak as a summer staple in our house.  Whenever my Dad made it we just devoured it and there were rarely ever leftovers.  I got this recipe as a base from my Dad and have changed it over these last few years. It is in our families top 10 favorite things to have in the summer.  

Our family and our kids LOVE pineapple so I added that into the marinate and usually BBQ pineapple with it as well.  If you aren't a fan of pineapple, you can use a lime instead and it turns out really good.  

I sometimes put it in the marinate first thing in the morning, however it is sooo good if you put it in the marinate the night before.  Randomly during the day you can move the meat around to marinate so it gets a really well balanced marinate.  That night when I start the BBQ I take it out when I start the BBQ, it lets it come to room tempature before I throw in on the BBQ. 

It is such an easy thing to do for dinner, I usually do a side that I can BBQ as well, so we can enjoy our backyard and also way less dishes to do later.  Fun fact, dishes are my least favorite chore to do, so the less that I have to do at the end of the day the better in my opinion. Here is a picture of our dinner when we did the BBQ Flank Steak, it has our grilled romaine lettuce and grilled pineapple.  I added some fruit for the kids as well at dinner so they had some different variety. 


So, enough talking. Here it is.

 Marinated Flank Steak


1 Cup  Soy Sauce (low sodium) 

1/4 Cup Knaughty Farms® Olive Oil 

1/2 Cup Pineapple Juice

2 TBS Brown Sugar

2 TBS Red Wine Vinegar

2 fresh cloves Garlic

Red Pepper Flakes



  1. Measure out all ingredients into a bowl and stir it up until everything is combined.  

  2. Put Flank Steak into a shallow glass dish or ziplock bag and pour the marinade over the top.  

  3. Let it sit in the marinade in the fridge for at least 6 hours.  

  4. After it has marinated, pull it out and set it on your counter while the BBQ heats up.  

  5. Start up your BBQ to medium-high heat.  We use our charcoal BBQ, we can get it pretty hot and therefore gets the best sear. 

  6. Place the Flank Steak on the grill and discard the marinade.

  7. Grill for about 5 minutes per side, or longer depending on preference. We like ours Medium rare so it stays on until it is about 130-135 degrees. 


A few tips for you: 

*Let it rest for about 10 minutes before you cut into it! 

*For best results cut flank steaks across the grain. 

*We are a household of many BBQ's and yes they all serve a different purpose.  We use our Charcoal BBQ, we found that Flank Steak needs a HOT HOT BBQ to get the nice char on the outside.  So it cooks hot and fast.  :-)


Happy Cooking, feel free to message me with questions you have.  Tag us in your pictures so we can see what everyone is up to.  


-Olive Oil Momma