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Mommin’ it Hard!

Recently, we welcomed our third baby girl into our happy, yet crazy family and became a family of 5!  I never really knew how many kids I wanted, but I knew that I liked the idea of a large family.  I always thought I was a going to be a better boy Mom, through and through. I was a very big tom-boy growing up, probably didn't help that I was raised with all boys. Well I had an idea of how my future looked and God laughed and gave us three beautiful, healthy baby girls. Those girls really are the best thing.  One thing I have learned having 3 kids,  I am still figuring it out and it is a learning curve.  Just when you think you have it figured out, surprise, things change.

I hear all the time, I don't know how you do it.  I will be honest with you, I don't know how I do it either.  Fun fact, most days I usually don't sit down or have much time to myself, as I write this I have 2 sitting on my lap, but as many Moms will tell you I LOVE every minute of it. Do I lose my marbels, you bet ya, but guess what, that is what makes us human and thank goodness, God forgives us! 

I think for our family the transition from no kids to the first was the hardest and the more we added we have just bobbed and weaved to figuring it out.  Our oldest as a baby wouldn't stop crying most days, and nights.  I couldn't figure out up from down most days but like most kids, she outgrew it and has ended up being our best sleeper.  Our second was so quiet as a baby and would fall asleep anywhere, it was almost like we just kept rolling. She was the easiest going baby that I could picture for us and now she is the most determind kid that has a certain presence about her.  She is a character that we all enjoy being around.  Our newest member is a smiley little one, she loves her older sister's and goes with the flow most of time, until she doesn't.  Each of our gifts has such a presence about them and adds such difference characteristics to our family.

We're still growing and learning so much as parents.  Just trying to raise our little human's to be respectful, functioning adults one day.  Do we have it figured out, oh heck no, but we are doing things brick by brick and picking up the marbels one day at a time.  So, if you see me at the store, by myself, it usually means that Adam got home and I ran! Cheers to life with 3 kids! 

Happy Parenting!

-Olive Oil Momma

P.S. Real Life! 


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